33 Files Added to the ZooBerry Database

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Files Added to ZooBerry Database on 08-05-2023

33 new files have been added to the ZooBerry database (Only Zoo Tycoon 2 this time). Below is an itemized list with links. Of note, back in 2008 I ran a designer tournament at ZooMania. All entries were meant to be released after the tournament but we never got around to it. You’ll see those entries under the Colosseum category below:


Aboriginal Australian Pack by sheltiefan
Reskin Pack 1 by Koala Komander
Sandstone Theme by ShenTirag
Shark Pack 1 by Zooasaurus and K_mac
Shark Pack 2 by Zooasaurus
Shen’s Fence Pack
Shen’s Path Pack by ShenTirag
Small Gemstone Pack by Budgielover101


Snow Volcano by Animalover44
Enlarged Desert Fountain by Animalover44


Atlantis Viewing Area by Otter Lord
Ibex Arch by badisbadis101
Forgotten Spire by Catc
Markhor Fountain by King Hoopla
Alpine Geological Model by Otter Lord
Alpine Viewing Area by Zooasaurus


Guest Limit Hack by Penguino
Compatibility Hack by Eriorguez
Compatibility Hack Plus EA by Eriorguez
Pink Elephant Disorder Fix by Dinwrest


African Elephant Reskin by Koala Komander
Lion Reskins by Koala Komander
Jaguar Reskin by Koala Komander
Dromedary Camel Reskin by Koala Komander
Giant Panda Reskin by Koala Komander
Ring-Tailed Lemur Reskin by Koala Komander
Moose Reskin by Koala Komander
Grizzly Bear Reskin by Koala Komander
Hippo Reskin by Koala Komander
Mountain Gorilla Reskin by Angilas44
Nile Crocodile Reskin by Koala Komander
Reticulated Giraffe Reskin by Koala Komander
Black Rhino Reskin by Koala Komander

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