EMU v1.0.0-alpha.3

EMU is a modding API I’ve been working on since April of this year. It’s the main offender why I decided to stick around in the Zoo Tycoon community again especially since it’s so relevant to my schooling. We’re getting close to a release that looks remotely useful for interested modders. Please read below for the latest notes and download link:

EMU v1.0.0-alpha.3

New Features

  • exit command will now hide the command console window
  • The command console is running even when ‘closed’. This allows scripters to log messages to console.
  • Lua scripting support has been added. 25 EMU API functions are accessible through scripts.
    • See the wiki for early Lua scripting documentation. More coming as full release gets closer.

Limitations to Consider

  • With command console changes, closing the console with the window ‘X’ will still force close the game. exit no longer frees the console thread. A possible fix in a coming update.
  • The command console does not exist until first called by CTRL + J. This prevents Lua scripts from displaying messages to console unless it has been opened at least once. This will change.

Bug Fixe(s)

  • pause command now pauses the pause through UI. Note: it doesn’t activate the ‘play/pause’ button yet but otherwise works.
  • EMU now only runs when zoo is loaded. Previously could access unallocated resources. Was not ideal.

Binary Release:
Github release page with source code bundles:
Github release page
Project wiki:
Project wiki