EMU v1.0.0-alpha.4

EMU v1.0.0-alpha.4

Still a bit more to go until v1.0.0 proper is released but we’re getting there. Read about the new features below.

New Features

  • Can now load multiple .emu scripts (Lua) from a /scripts folder inside of the Zoo Tycoon 1 root directory.
  • Scripts can now be named anything.
  • Better error logging. Most error logging created from the binary res-EMU.dll will be logged in a file called out.txt inside of the Zoo Tycoon 1 directory.

Targets For Next Release

  • Address possible issues with race conditions
  • Improve error logging
  • Improve script handling

Limitations to Consider

  • Possible issues with race conditions as suggested above.
  • Scripts have problems using the EMU console and will force it to exit if you have logging printing to the terminal in your scripts.

If you wish to try this release out, the binary release bundle below includes a /scripts folder with two sample .emu scripts. Both test for a budget condition and subtract money if true. I tried to make these easy tests with quick visual cues.

To Install

Drop all of the contents of the binary release zip into the root Zoo Tycoon folder.

Binary Release (Pre-Compiled)

For source code see the release page: Release EMU v1.0.0-alpha.4 · openztcc/EMU · GitHub