EMU v1.0.0-alpha.5

Core Changes

  • EMU now hooks onto main game loop for main thread synchronization. Currently the Lua script engine runs on the main game loop.

Console Changes

  • When CTRL+J is pressed to call the console window, it attaches itself to the top right corner of the main game window.
    • Limitation: Still not dynamic enough to stay fixed to the corner when game window is moved, resized, etc.
  • Console stays ontop of the main game window
    • Limitation: This only happens in windowed mode, console isn’t visible in full screen. It also has the side effect of keeping Z-Order focus over other opened windows if you minimize Zoo Tycoon.
    • If it’s obtrusive, close the console with exit.
  • exit command now terminates the console window safely and does not close the game.
  • Console no longer shows in taskbar as another application.

Possible Solutions for Another Day

  • Will try to hook the main window procedure in a future version to handle specific main window events and synchronize console display properties dynamically. (i.e. minimize when game is minimized, stay ontop when game is full screen, etc)
  • Other GUI experiments if this is doing too much.

Next release will finally mark the first major release.

Targets for next release

  • Set console to run on main game thread.
  • Add new API functions for game manipulation.
  • Add help console command with list of all console commands.
  • Write and record tutorials that show how EMU works.
  • Refactor all code for polish.


Special thanks to wowjinxy for her help finding the game loop used in this update.

To Install

Drop all of the contents of the binary release zip into the root Zoo Tycoon folder.