Favourite video games that aren't Zoo Tycoon?

What are some of y’all’s favourite video games outside of the Zoo Tycoon series.

Personally really fond of Shin Megami Tensei, Digimon, and Pikmin as far as other game series go, really been digging that new Pikmin that came out last month (but I honestly enjoyed it a bit less than 2 and 3).
Not played it in a long time but I also really used to enjoy SCP: Containment Breach back in the day, was pretty fun for a horror game but the random seed system would be wacky sometimes.

Ohh those are some good games! I don’t own a Nintendo system but my brother does. Wish I had one because I honestly consider myself a casual gamer.

Okay I have a long list, but I’ll keep it to my top five. Portal (hands down best game ever), The Outer Wilds, Oxenfree, Bioshock series, and anything from the Yakuza series.

Pretty much anything that has a good story and grabs me for hours is something I’d pin up there as my favorite!

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Those are all really good choices, I really need to try the Yakuza games at some point, I really like those kinds of games that can be really silly and funny one second but also serious and/or emotional another and from the little I know about it, it definitely looks like one of those.

I didn’t mention it before but I’m also really fond of the first two Fossil Fighters games, really underrated classics that I hope see a revival someday.