Introducing the PANDA Loader Project

I posted this elsewhere but I should have a rolling topic here too.

I learned me some mobile and desktop app development for a class this past semester so I figured I’d practice those skills some more so I don’t forget.

Introducing PANDA (Project and Animal) Loader, a new tool that will help you manage your ZT1 and ZT2 mods with a UI.


Target features will be:

  • Quickly enable, disable, and delete your Zoo Tycoon mods without touching any files.

There are other features planned but I’d like these finished first before I flaunt what’s rolling around in my head.

If you’d like to follow progress or learn more about the project, this is the project page:

This project stems from a discussion I started earlier this Fall, so you might see me try taking on some of those ideas: Local lang dll generator? - General ZT Discussion - Zoo Tek Phoenix

No release yet but tentatively this Winter. See you all soon in my other projects as well. So happy to be on break again.