"Must-Have" Mods for ZT2

Thread to denote popular or useful mods to enhance the Zoo Tycoon 2 experience.

Definitely the Unlock Hack by Lgcfm, at least for what I need it for. Most mods I’ve posted here have missing screenshots so having everything unlocked is helpful just for a quick screen grab.

It’s also nice while doing mod work to have everything unlocked for debugging.


I’ve made similar hacks to that, but for entities that are normally not supposed to be placeable. It’s been broken up into 3 “parts”, if you will:

  • ZTDevComponent Removal - broadest of the three, giving access to a wide variety of special objects and some extras
  • Placeable Broken Objects - allos for broken versions of buildings, fences, paths, and trees to be placed
  • Placeable Nests - most refined of the three, allowing for the placement of nests right before they get converted to being eggs
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