New Animal for ZT1: Peryton by Zarawatto

Thanks for the suggestion in Fountain’s thread in ZTP


Since its first post this saturday, I spent these two days in this “Blitzprojekt” (Lightning project) just to know how far can I work with what I actually know with modding resources. Blender is definitively NOT my strongest feature… But crafting the actual UCA file seems achieved the upgrade from “rookie” to “not-so-rookie”.

A preview:

Peryton is available in my Google Drive… If bugs are not detected, I’ll send it to ZooBerry database in the next days. It may be the first of a new pack of cryptids, but I want to first end my tyrannosaurs expansion for ZT1… Until then!

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I read that thread and thought it a funny coincidence that someone on ZT2 had made that exact animal and in the same color as well :smile: It looked nearly identical to her screenshot.

I think you did a great job on the port. I like the exhibit design you made to go with it!

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