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Though anyone is welcome to start a new thread to offer suggestions, if you’d just like to leave a quick comment you can do so in this thread.

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Personally I feel like the animal tab on the Zt2 animal sections (and later Zt1 too but for now it’s not very crowded so it doesn’t matter as much) could have different subcategories for groups of animals, like one for mammals, one for birds, one for reptiles, etc.
Not sure on the exacts of how best to split things aside from that (i.e., how to split extinct stuff or cryptids and myths) but no matter how it’s split it would probably be better for the long run just for ease of finding things.

That’s a good idea; I’ll add it to my todo. It might have to wait until after I finish uploading all of ZM, NS, and Artifex that way I can bulk-update all of the files at once.

Thanks for the suggestion!


I wonder if there’s any “lost” Tesera and Environ mods you probably still have.

I don’t have any Tesera or Environ mods. Sorry DinoLover.

Oh, I’m disappointed. :frowning:
I hope that you still have modded prehistoric animals beside Platyhystrix or Sarcosuchus.

I know we already have a General category for posts but personally I feel like splitting it and having General be for anything ZT related outside of mods and Off-Topic for anything that isn’t at all ZT related would just be neat.
I know this is a ZT related thing at heart but having a place for off-topic discussions never hurts.

Great suggestion! I added an off-topic category.

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