Who's that Zarawatto dud?

As this is a pretty new forum and some of you here already know me, this is more like some kind of an introduction plaque for future reading focused in those who don’t.

My nickname is Zarawatto, which is a deformation of “Sarahuato”, the spanish name of the mantled howler monkey (Alouatta palliata).

I’m a fierce ZT1 player and follower since its very beginning 20 years ago, but I never joined the community until the pandemic started and the isolation days made me find all this nice people who keep this game alive after all this time! I started my own projects quite recently and you may find them at my main thread in ZooTek Phoenix or at my Google Drive folder, but I want to share them at ZooBerry database eventually.

I’m microbiologist, but I also like palaeontology and stargazing. I also enjoy writting. Whenever I build a large zoo, I create a lore for it. Some of my zoos have whole tales that you may find at my Screenshots thread, again in ZTP, but that thread is now kinda dusty & rusty because I spend most of my time with my mods more than with actual gameplay. My other languages are spanish/español and german/deutsch. Feel free to ask as much as you want and I’ll aid you all as far as I can! :smile_cat::smile_cat:

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Hi Zarawatto! So happy to see you here! There aren’t a whole lot of us yet but that’s okay, it’s nice to see that the community can still endure in so many places. I’ve always wondered where Zarawatto came from and now I know, it’s such a cool name.

Looking forward to seeing your mod work, maybe one day we can collaborate if I can get a little better :smile:.

Me da mucho gusto descubrir a otro jugador de Zoo Tycoon hispanohablante. Es mi primer idioma, pero aun me hace falta practica. :grin:

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