ZooBerry Platform Upgrades Megathread

This thread will be used to communicate new features implemented on the mod database. Here’s the inaugural post:

ZooBerry v0.3.0

  • Adds OpenGraph protocol support. Example, ZooBerry links when posted on social media platforms and some forums will convert to a preview card like this:
  • Browser tabs should now display the page title (mod name) instead of just “ZooBerry”.

ZooBerry v0.4.1


  • File count now showing on category cards
  • The Zoo Tycoon 1/2 titles on the side nav bar now link to their respective categories

Bug Fixes/Optimization

  • Pagination now correctly sorts in ascending order. Previously mods would paginate in the wrong pages.
  • All pages now minified, faster loading.

Known Bugs

  • I uh…broke the author list …don’t know how but will fix and finally make it look good by next update.

Check the Trello for ZooBerry dev roadmap before v1.0.0: Trello

ZooBerry v0.4.6


  • Minor redesign for the mod page tables. Visual below.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed information table on a mod page from breaking on mobile. Visual below.
  • Fixed horizontal scroll issue on mobile. (should now fit screen)
  • Fixed a visual bug from last update that broke the spacing between cards on the home page
  • Fixed the author list from disappearing

Known Bugs:

  • Author list is visible again, but pagination is off
  • Individual author pages (mods by author) are currently visually broken, but functional. Still working on redesigning these two features.

Getting rid of the “patch” component of the ZooBerry versioning system and just sticking with major.minor.

ZooBerry Beta-v.0.5


  • Latest mods on sidebar now have dates.
  • Increased number of latest mods listed on sidebar.
  • Author List has been redesigned.
  • Author list now has a link on the side bar
  • Mods by author now displaying as a list. (just while I work on redesigning author pages)
  • Packs are now listed under appropriate category if (for example) the pack only contains mods of one type. If pack has mixed content, it’s under ‘Packs’.

Bug Fixes

  • Author list and mods by author pagination now lists in ascending order correctly.

Known Issues

  • The new author list and mods by author tables have empty columns “categories” and “files”. Working on it.

Not really an underlying change to the backend logic this time to warrant a version increase. I’ve added sub-categories under the Zoo Tycoon 2 section so that they’re easier to filter. They now work like this:

Zoo Tycoon 2

  • Animals
    • Animal Bundles (packs with more than one animal)
    • Ambients (can’t be adopted, just spawn)
    • Extinct
    • Fictional
    • Living
  • Expansive Packs (big packs with items from different categories)
  • Hacks
  • Maps
  • Objects
    • Animal enrichment, food, shelters
    • Arches, fences, and viewing canopies
    • Buildings
    • Foliage
    • Paths
    • Scenery
    • Theme Packs
    • Zootilities
  • Texture Mods
    • Animal Variants
    • Animal Reskins

ZooBerry Beta v0.6


  • You can now filter by archived websites
    • Also serves as a comprehensive list of websites represented on the database at the moment
    • As we add more mods from other databases, we’ll see mods overlap. You’ll now see some mods share origin websites depending on where all they were published.
    • Shen’s Den as an example
  • You can view a full list of all mods by their ZooBerry publish date.
    • The side navigation ‘latest mods’ now has a ‘more’ link that leads to this list
  • Both new lists can be accessed in the side bar.
  • Mods now show icons instead abbreviations for expansions required. (ZT2 only)
  • Languages supported is now a field on all mods; no longer in description.

Known Issues

  • Many of the lists have empty columns. Still need:
    • Author file counts and categories published
    • Categories published for website lists
    • Categories published for latest mods list

Features In-Progress

  • Filter by language
  • Filter by expansion pack required (or none required)

ZooBerry is getting close to getting out of beta (as soon as the To Do and Doing lists are cleared!)