Balloon Animal Stand by Goosifer

My Atlantean Fountain is just going through configuration so it is all but finished. Next up is my Animal Balloon Stand–not to be confused with my other (pending) Balloon Stand.

I’m doing this one first because the balloon stand idea is a wishlist request at ZooTek so before I do my silly version, it’s only right to finish theirs.

Here is my concept. I might start work on it tomorrow or Tuesday.


First progress pic:


I forgot to give it its little nose :pleading_face:


A bit more progress. Lighting isn’t quite there yet–the shadows pointing left can be a bit softer I think. I think it almost has the right level of sheen.


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Gonna be honest, with the shading it has there it reminds me more of a saveloy sausage than balloon rubber. I think the stand does look pretty cute though otherwise.

BTW, IDK if it would be possible but do you think you could have the dog be able to shift colour, I know a lot of base ZT1 items had multiple colour options and I think this is one item that might benefit from that.

:joy: :joy: I love it. It does look like a saveloy sausage. That’s a good question. I know Jay meant to show me how to configure an item to do that, but I think he mentioned it would be a bit advanced. I’ll ask him once I get the art at a place where I’m happy. I’m working on a different design. The dog as the building itself was a bit too hard to work with:


Maybe we can still try the color thing on this new version.

Edit: Some tests to see what it would look like in-game. Some clear issues that need fixing.

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Here’s the beginnings of the clown vendor that will go inside of the stand:

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A fun test animation just to see how the pixel art shader I’m working on would look when it’s moving:

Next step is to get it inside of the stand and animate proper vendor animations.

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Idle animation:

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I can only work on Zoo Tycoon projects on the weekends now due to uni, so updates will be a little slower!

I redid the idle animation. I think I like it better than the old one but at the same time it might be moving a little too much. Not sure.

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Nearly done with the graphics.

Used animation:

Idle animation:

The used animation balloon animal on the roof is the small update to the lighting I made which makes a little more sense given he in-game light source comes from the top right.

I still need to resize the clown to be comparable in size to the guests and other vendors.

Final graphics are complete. I decided to take a pivot toward the original game’s existing carnival theme so that the stand fits in:

Used animation (SE):


Idle animation (SW):


NE and NW:



Balloon animal icon:


The boys:


Just configuration left and then release.

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The balloon animal stand is finally released here: Download here

Thank you so much to Jay for the configuration help and dark magic skills to reduce the file size.